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An Ayurvedic Health drink for Healthy HEART & MIND.  Provides daily cardiovascular heart support also supports physical and emotional wellness during times of Stress and Overexertion.

  • Essential Pack- 75 ML Shot X 21 Bottle
  • Rejuvenate Pack- 75 ML Shot X 12 Bottle
  • Starter Pack- 75 ML Shot X 4 Bottle
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Made from

100% Natural Ingredients

Ashwagandha |  Arjuna |  Beetroot |  Pomegranate | Apple | Carrot  | Lemon  |  Ginger


Dr. Juice
Dr. Juice
Dr. Juice
Dr. Juice
Dr. Juice
Dr. Juice

How it Works?

Fight Depression & Promote good Sleep

Stress can be manifested by a hectic work life, personal issues like divorce, death of a loved one, illness & injury, or internal factors like anxiety, insecurity & attitude & lot more. HeartBeet will help boost your natural sleep hormone, encourage a calm feeling, and support a healthy sleep cycle, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Dr. Juice
Support Cardiac Health

With a stressful day to day life our Heart is getting affected negatively in every possible manner. HeartBeet contains Ayurvedic Herb "Arjuna" have clinically proven properties that nourish the heart, provides energy & strength to heart muscles as a result it provide healthy heart in the most convenient and tasty way

Dr. Juice
Helps to Lower Cholesterol level

High cholesterol leads increases risk of heart disease and heart attacks our unique combination of Ayurvedic Herbs and fruit Juices helps to you maintain normal range of Cholesterol level in your blood stream which also help you to maintain Blood pressure in normal range.

Dr. Juice
Increase Endurance & Excitement 

Ashwagandha is one of the main ingredient in HeartBeet Shots. In Sanskrit, Ashwagandha means “Smell of a Horse” which doesn’t sound so appetizing. But, what it really means is "increase your horsepower." Ashwagandha, a popular adaptogen, also commonly used in Ayurveda

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Powerful Benefits Come from Powerful Ingredients

Dr. Juice

Per Bottle Nutrients




Vitamin C





30 MG


40 MCG










10 MG







Vitamin E


Vitamin B5





10 MG





Vitamin B3


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B1

0.04 MG


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“We recommend taking one HeartBeet shot in the Morning before or along with breakfast will result in boost energy, focus and productivity. We don’t recommend taking more than two shots in one day. Every Dr Juice shot has shelf-life of 90 Days. For visible effects we recommend consume at least 3-6 Months.”

Pack of

Essential Pack- 75 ML Shot X 21 Bottle, Rejuvenate Pack- 75 ML Shot X 12 Bottle, Starter Pack- 75 ML Shot X 4 Bottle

19 reviews for HeartBeet

  1. Akash Verma

    This Heartbeet Juice shot works great. I like to take this at night a couple hours before bed. The Ashwagandha helps to relax me and my muscles. This doesn’t necessarily make you sleepy or want to fall asleep, but it is relaxing. The taste is great. Highly recommended for anyone that is feeling stressed out. You can also take this during the day if you need it.

  2. Malini Bajaj

    I gave this as New Year presents to my son and daughter in law for their workouts. I use it too for good health and energy. Love it!!

  3. Saurabh Vaidya

    This Shot is fantastic! I don’t drink a lot of other caffeine (a cup of coffee in the morning that I usually don’t finish, then water the rest of the day) and I only drink these about once a week on average so this keeps me energized for a good 8 hours. I’ve used them as a sort of pre-workout too and holy dang… Give me all the weights!! But seriously, this Shots are good.

  4. Supriya k.

    The product is very good. Will purchase again

  5. Nihal Shaikh

    If you are an avid fitness enthusiast you need to build, support and maintain muscles. this is the supplement you have been looking for.

  6. Vaibhavi Ranjane

    I’ve been drinking these for my last few workouts ever since I first discovered them at my local gym. I originally had a The Yellow fighter shot, but I bought this HeartBeet Shot and absolutely love it! It feels “cleaner” than regular drinks with fewer jitters. It still helps me get through tough workouts. I wish they were cheaper.

  7. Yash Singh

    I drink one or two Redbulls every day. Now that I found HearBeet Shots I am no longer drinking Redbull. Healthy energy without the crash that is a win-win for me.

  8. Zoeb M.

    When you’re feeling a bit down drink this and you feel better.

  9. Rajat Pandey

    After a week taking this Shots, I started sleeping my 8 hours straight without interruptions or silly dreams. I wake up relaxed and with better energy and focus to work. This has to be one of the best supplements I had taken.

  10. Shika Srivastav

    No more cramps in my legs since I started using this as my drink while cycling! Yay!! Great taste and not overwhelming! Perfect!

  11. Surbhi

    I purchased it as my nutritionist indication and after 2 weeks I was already feeling my anxiety better. Since then I’ve been taken it every day in the morning.

  12. Nidhi More

    I really like this shot, and it’s very good for your heart health!

  13. Pratik Chaudhary

    Very helpful, I drink one bottle a day and it seems like helping my energy.

  14. Vishal Rahandale

    Very good product helps my mom with her blood pressure.

  15. Aarti Salunke

    Fantastic!!!! EVERYONE should be taking this. Miraculous for stressed people, especially going through a lot of stress, you will sleep that night you take it. Honestly, get it. Works so well. Takes care of all anxiety.

  16. Vijay Patankar

    I have been impressed with this product, I have more energy & my blood pressure has dropped 4 points.

  17. Gajanan A.

    Well maybe. But I have noticed some improvements after taking this product twice daily. My BP has dropped, I just feel generally better.

  18. Ram Shetty

    The product is supposed to help reduce high blood pressure. I’ve been drinking it daily for over 32 days and so far my blood pressure has remained the same high figures as before. Perhaps continuing for a longer amount of time will produce the changes as advertised. so far it has been disappointing.

  19. Smita

    Provides great “alertness” and a rise in energy levels without feeling unnatural. Don’t feel wired or anxious. I don’t drink coffee and 5 Hr is great way to get me through a long meeting or tiring afternoon.-

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