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Frequently Asked Question!

Dr. Juice

Take your juice out of the box and keep it in the refrigerator. Remember, our juices have a shelf life of 90 days under refrigeration.

Juiced contains 100% Natural farm fresh fruit and vegetable juice and is totally free from chemical preservatives, and therefore is highly nutrient in nature.  We employ a cold-pressed juicing process that maximizes the shelf life, but cannot advise consumption of our juice beyond this point.

No, currently our juice is not 100% organic. We aim to source as much organic produce as possible, but currently everything is not 100% organic.

Juices are great thing to share with family, friends and colleagues.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll make it happen. E-mail all private order inquiries to: info@thedoctorjuice.com

We will collect rinsed bottles (minus the caps) in several of our locations—you can collect points on each bottle returned through our website Delivery and subscription customers.

Our goal is to maintain a zero-waste process, therefore, Our juices must be pre-ordered online 48 hours in advance.  A truly sustainable operation wastes nothing, especially not food.

Yes, please remember that all juices must be refrigerated immediately upon delivery, so make sure your workplace has the space to accommodate!

Our juices are handcrafted using fresh fruits and vegetables and some variations may occur as with any agricultural crop based on seasonality, crop conditions and geography. There are always small variances in flavour between batches of fresh produce that is then extended to our juices.  Each juice you consume is authentically fresh, not mass produced and then flavoured to taste identical to the last batch.

We aim to provide an exceptional level of service, education, and support. If you have questions or need help with an order, please email us at info@thedoctorjuice.com , or call us at+917977215189.